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Sublime Text editor is the magic any programmer needs. Here I keep a cache of shortcuts for a quick reference.

Task shortcut in Linux shortcut in OSX Comments


Move the current line up
Ctrl + Shift + Up Cmd + Shift + Up Also works for Down
Goto line
Ctrl + ` Cmd + `
Goto method
Ctrl + R Cmd + R
Show console
Ctrl + ` Cmd + `

Multiple Selection

Select the current line Ctrl + L Cmd + L Repeat to select next line(s)
Split selection in multiple lines Ctrl + Shift + L Cmd + Shift + L
Select the current word Ctrl + D
Multiple select: find the next word like the selected and add to the multiple cursors. Ctrl + D To skip the current word: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D. To undo the last selection: Ctrl+U
Multiple select: find and select all words like the selected and add multiple cursors. Alt + F3
Column selection
  • Shift + RightBtn - to select a column
  • Ctrl + Shift + RightBtn - to add selection
  • Alt + Shift + RightBtn - to subtract
Multiple selection with Regexp Ctrl + F, <Select Regexp icon (.*)>, <type your regexp>, Alt + Enter Cmd + F, <Select Regexp icon (.*)>, <type your regexp>, Opt + F