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See LED Reference.

Humidity sensor

See Humidity Reference.

Light sensor

void lightInit();      // init light sensor, do not turn it on  - called by kernel automatically, not needed in application 
void lightOn();        // turn on light sensor
void lightOff();       // turn off light sensor
uint16_t readLight();  // read light value
uint16_t readVisibleLight();  // read visible light value
uint16_t readPARLight();  // read photo-syntetically active radiation value


void adcOn();
void adcOff();
uint16_t adcRead(uint8_t channel); // sets channel, reads value
// alternative faster version: set channel once, read multiple times (usable, if the same channel read many times)
void adcSetChannel(uint8_t ch);
uint16_t adcReadFast();
uint8_t adcGetChannelCount() // returns ADC channel count provided by the platform


// Initialize radio. Called by the kernel, when radio used
void radioInit();




See mos/hil/usart.h for more details!

uint_t USARTInit(uint8_t id, uint32_t speed, uint8_t conf);
uint_t USARTSendByte(uint8_t id, uint8_t data);
uint_t USARTSendString(uint8_t id, uint8_t *data);
uint_t USARTSendStringLine(uint8_t id, uint8_t *data);
void USARTSendData(uint8_t id, uint8_t *data, uint16_t len);
uint_t USARTEnableTX(uint8_t id);
uint_t USARTDisableTX(uint8_t id);
uint_t USARTEnableRX(uint8_t id);
uint_t USARTDisableRX(uint8_t id);
* Set callback function for per-byte data receive. The callback is called
* on every received packet
* @param id - ID of the UART used (See MCU datasheet to get IDs)
* @param cb - callback function: void myCallback(uint8_t byte)
uint_t USARTSetReceiveHandle(uint8_t id, USARTCallback_t cb);
* Set callback for per-packet data receive. Stores the received bytes in
* the buffer and the callback is called when either a newline is received
* ('\n', binary value 10) or at most len bytes are received. The newline is
* also stored in the buffer
* Also enables USART RX automatically.
* After the callback, buffer is reset and reception restarts.
* Warning: Can use only one USART at a time (single buffer, single handler)!
* @param id - ID of the UART used (See MCU datasheet to get IDs)
* @param cb - callback function: void myCallback(uint8_t bytes). Here the
*             bytes parameter contains not the last byte received but
*             total received byte count (i.e., bytes stored in the buffer)!
* @param len - size of the buffer in bytes. Callback is called when len
*              bytes are received (or when '\n' is received).
*              When len is zero, no packet size is checked, only on newline
*              reception the callback is called.
uint_t USARTSetPacketReceiveHandle(uint8_t id, USARTCallback_t cb, void *buffer,
       uint16_t len);