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Introduction to Computer Science, part 2.

The goal of the course is to learn about software development using object oriented programming, functional programming, and relevant data structures and algorithms. The course is using Scala programming language.

This page is used as a supplemental resource for the course.

Development tools

Integrated development environment

This course suggests using IntelliJ IDEA for development in Scala.

Git and GitHub version control system and project repository

The students will use Git and GitHup as software code repositories. The assignments are submitted via GitHub Education. GIT version control system GitHub

A simpleguide for getting started with git - no deep *hit

Build systems, Maven


Introduction to Scala

"Scala is a general-purpose, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language. It is a pure object-oriented programming anguage which also provides support to the functional programming approach. Scala programs can convert to bytecodes and can un on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine)..."

Data types