Building MansOS

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Make targets

At least the following make targets (running commands make <target>) are recognized by MansOS building system:

  • build – build the application
  • clean – delete the 'build' directory
  • upload – upload the application to hardware target (for non-PC platforms)
  • upload-msp40 – for telosb target: upload the application to a hardware target that is not TelosB compatible; for example to a generic msp430
  • run – run the application (for the PC platform)
  • testbed – upload the application to the test bed
  • pc telosb msp430 atmega nrf epic waspmote – select target platform(s)
  • memdump – print analysis of application's memory usage statistics
  • mspsim – run the application on msp430 CPU simulator
  • verbose – verbose building process
  • quiet – quiet building process
  • optimize – enable optimizations

Make variables

At least the following make variables are used by MansOS building system:

  • CFLAGS – compiler flags
  • LDFLAGS – linker flags
  • V – enable verbosity of the building process
  • BSLPORT – specify the target mote (from locally connected)