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ESI Business Lab

This is a special seminar in collaboration with , Stockholm School of Economics Riga (SSE), and Art Academy of Latvia.

The Business lab will form teams of students with business, arts/design and IT background and they will learn how to create a startup.

The topics and the schedule are available at this link.


If you are interested in attending this seminar for credit, please contact prof. Leo Selavo by email, by 15.09.2022.

Please, also stop by at 312.auditorium (LU DF) on Thursday 15.09.2022 at 16:30 for the registration and a short question session.

Time and location

  • The first seminar event is on Monday, 19.09.2022 at 15:00-19:00
  • The regular events after the first are (mostly) on Wednesdays between 15:00-18:00
  • The location is SSE Riga.