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Here be dragons. No, wait... Here be ideas for the bestest mote evah...

But seriously, here we list features (and benefits) for the better sensor node (hardware). Should you have anything good to add, drop a line to Leo.Selavo. His email is at gmail.


  • Multicore
  • Has FPGA option
  • Frequency throttling
  • Core gating (similar to clock gating)


  • SDR
  • Supports backcast
  • Supports option for in-system error correction, such as Reed Solomon.


  • Zero consumption (plus epsilon)
  • Modular harwesting


  • Stores sensor calibration data in NVRAM

Configuration management

  • Has a global unique ID.
  • Stores and reports the capabilities data:
    • MCU, Memory sizes
    • Attached sensors

Debugging and run time assurance

  • Reports battery state, e.g. charge level
  • Option for power consumption measurements on-demand