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  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Makefile for latex papers (by Leo Selavo)
  3. Set BASE_NAME to the main file name (make, make final)
  4. Set FINAL_NAME to the checkpoint (final version) file name (make cp)
  5. Targets:
  6. make <dirname> - where <dirname> is the directory name where the source
  7. files are. Unless it is the current directory
  8. In addition, you must specify one real target goal:
  9. make final [dirname] - make the whole document (3+bib passes)
  10. make [dirname] - single pass make (no references guarranteed),
  11. for the quick sanity check
  12. make bib [dirname] - parse the bibliography list
  13. make a [dirname] - open the pdf doc in acroread
  14. make cp [dirname] - copy BASE_NAME.pdf to FINAL_NAME.pdf (checkpoint)
  15. make clean [dirname] - clean out old stuff, including the BASE_NAME.pdf
  16. make tidy [dirname] - clean out old stuff, keep the BASE_NAME.pdf
  17. make stat [dirname] - check file status (svn stat)
  18. make up [dirname] - update from svn (svn up)
  19. make ci [dirname] - check in to svn (svn ci)
  20. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  1. Main tex file name, also used as base name for the target pdf,
  2. and final name for the checkpoints


  1. Script file name for viewing the pdf.
  2. This is useful to set as the run target in IDE. Run=>view.

  1. Choose the latex tools (use xelatex for LV support)

PDFLATEX ?= pdflatex

  1. PDFLATEX ?= xelatex

BIBTEX ?= find ./ -maxdepth 2 -name '*.aux' -exec bibtex '{}' \;

  1. BIBTEX ?= bibtex $(BASE_NAME).aux

  1. Support tools
  2. ------------------------------------------------------------------


  1. SVN=svn

ROOT_DIR=. DIRLIST := ${shell find -L . -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d -print} DIRS=$(DIRLIST:./%=%)

GOALS += $(MAKECMDGOALS) TARGETS = $(filter $(GOALS), $(DIRS)) TARGET = $(firstword $(TARGETS)) ifneq ("", "$(TARGET)")




endif CDBASE=cd $(BASE_DIR)

  1. ===== Targets =====

all: pdf x: xpdf a: acroread

.PHONY: test $(DIRS)


  1. ------------------------------------------------------------------

final: clean viewpdf $(ECHO) "========================================== First pass..." $(CDBASE); $(PDFLATEX) $(BASE_NAME).tex $(ECHO) "========================================== Second pass (bib)..." $(CDBASE); $(BIBTEX) $(ECHO) "========================================== Third pass..." $(CDBASE); $(PDFLATEX) $(BASE_NAME).tex $(ECHO) "========================================== Fourth pass..." $(CDBASE); $(PDFLATEX) $(BASE_NAME).tex

pdf: viewpdf $(CDBASE); $(PDFLATEX) $(BASE_NAME).tex

xpdf: $(CDBASE); evince $(BASE_NAME).pdf

acroread: $(CDBASE); acroread $(BASE_NAME).pdf

bib: $(CDBASE); $(BIBTEX)

index: $(CDBASE); makeindex $(BASE_NAME)

viewpdf: echo /usr/bin/acroread $(BASE_DIR)/$(BASE_NAME).pdf >$(VIEWPDF) chmod a+x $(VIEWPDF)

  1. ------------------------------------------------------
  2. keep a checkpoint version of the pdf

cp: checkpoint

checkpoint: $(CDBASE); mv $(BASE_NAME).pdf $(FINAL_NAME).pdf

  1. svn update and checkin

up: $(CDBASE); $(SVN) up

ci: $(CDBASE); $(SVN) ci

stat: $(CDBASE); $(SVN) stat

  1. ------------------------------------------------------

tidy: $(CDBASE); rm -f *% *.aux *~ *.blg *.toc *.log $(BASE_NAME).idx find $(BASE_DIR)/ -name *.synctex.gz | xargs /bin/rm -f find $(BASE_DIR)/ -name *.aux | xargs /bin/rm -f find $(BASE_DIR)/ -name *.out | xargs /bin/rm -f find $(BASE_DIR)/ -name *.blg | xargs /bin/rm -f find $(BASE_DIR)/ -name *~ | xargs /bin/rm -f find $(BASE_DIR)/ -name '*.bbl' | xargs /bin/rm -f

clean: tidy $(CDBASE); rm -f $(BASE_NAME).pdf

cleanfinal: clean

cleanall: clean $(ECHO) "I feel so clean now... Thanks!"