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Course Project

During the course, students are required to complete a project that accomplishes a non-trivial programming / data processing task using Python tools.

  • projects can be developed in teams of 2-3 people or individually.

Possible project topics:

  • process, analyze, and/or visualize one or more datasets
  • develop a simple game
  • web or desktop application
  • ... other ideas ...

Data sets can come from a variety of sources, such as,, or faculty.

All processing and visualization will have to be done in the Python programming language with the appropriate Pyhon libraries.

  • you can use libraries covered in the course or/and from outside the course.

Other topics may also be selected with prior agreement with the faculty.

Submit your project topic:

Final project topic sign-up form (Autumn 2020):

Final project presentations

Project presentation = during the last class

Project presentation = 5-10 min. presentation consisting of:

  • Introduction (what the work is about)
  • Project realization (what was programmed, what software was used)
  • Demonstrations of results

You have to show what the project has done in practice = show code and results.


Before presenting: each group should send an email to uldis.bojars(at) (with text "Python seminar" in the subject line) containing:

  • project description (including a list of group members + info about the role of each participant)
  • developed source code (or its URL at Github, Gitlab etc)
  • work results (e.g. Jupyter notebook)