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Free PDF file converter with Ghostscript

This was written for Windows XP. File versions are rather old, but it works for me.

Here is an older and longer version of this writeup, more details might be found there.

1. Get RedMon - reditrection monitor.

2. Get the latest Ghostscript and Ghostview. Read first here:

The current links at the time of writing are these:

3. Install RedMon 4. Install a postscript printer driver 5. Install Ghostscript and Ghostview 6. Configure everything as in Leo:Print_To_PDF

ThinkPad T61 setup

Setting up XP on T61

(or the dream of a triple boot T61)

I insert XP setup CD and wait for it to start up. Eventually it does, but gives me a message saying that there is no way to do anything because there is no hard drive on this system (F3 to restart)... I did this a few times, wiping the HD clean, (re)installing Ubuntu, having Vista before nicely slugging along, even booting in the service partition of TI61 after moving it to the other end with Gparted so it is not in the way at the beginning of the hard drive, just in case XP has a problem with the partition... no luck.

The solution: Turn SATA to Compatibility mode (from AHCI) in CMOS setup.