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MakeRiga is a Makerspace in Riga with laser cutter, various 3D printers, and other tools for making great things!

Laser Cutter notes


Modelhw: Gweike

  • Settings: Laser at 50%/100%
  • Software Lasercut 5.3

Suggested settings:

Material Speed power corner power
Pressed cardboard 4mm 25 80 25
Org 5mm. 10 50-80 25-50

Design with Sketchup

I like to make designs in Sketchup and then export to svg/dxf for the laser cutting plotter.

  • Make Sketchyp design. Keep the final details in one plane.
  • Save as SVG file. One way is to use "Export to SVG" plugin. Note, that the number 161 could be different for you.
    • Menu -> Edit -> 161 Entities -> Export to SVG file
    • Enter the output file path
    • Export Face(s) as: Paths
    • Measurements: Millimeters
  • Open the SVG file in Inkscape
    • Edit as needed (move for a better fit, add/convert text to paths)
    • File -> Save as: Desktop Cutting Plotter (AutoCAD DXF R14)(*.dxf)
      • Choose "Base unit" as PX (do not choose mm!)
      • use LWPOLYLINE type of line output
  • (Optional) Open with LibreCAD for verification of the DXF file. Measure some dimensions as needed to make sure.
  • Open the DXF with the Laser cutter software, move to the print area, arrange as needed, and download to the Laser cutter.