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Seminar: Getting things done with Python

In this seminar you will learn about the Python programming language, its libraries and frameworks.

The goal of the seminar is to give participants an insight into Python programming language and what can be done with it (including how it is used in practice). You will also learn how to use Python for data analysis and visualization.

Specseminārā tiks iepazīta Python programmēšanas valoda kā arī tās bibliotēkas un ietvari. Semināra mērķis ir dot ieskatu gan valodā, tās iespējās, gan plašajā pielietojumu lokā. Seminārā Python tiks lietots dažādu datu apstrādei un vizualizācijai.


Important links:




Information and Resources


Seminar takes place on Fridays @ 14:45

  • location: room 336 (LU, Raiņa bulv. 19)
  • first seminar: 11-Sept-2020


Slack channel:


Seminar materials

Seminar materials will be published in the GitHub repository:


Last years' repositories:



Presentation sign-up form:


Course Requirements and Grading

  • Course Project (in groups of 2-3 students or individually) = up to 7 points (out of 10)
    • Project should be a Python program or a Jupyter notebook
    • Scope: project theme examples will be discussed in lectures


  • Presentations and participation in class = up to 4 points
    • Presentation on a cool Python library or project = 1..3 points each (2 presentations possible)
      • 3 points = long and serious presentation (30 min)
      • 2 points = medium presentation (10-15 min)
      • 1 point = short presentation
      • everyone needs to present at least once
    • Participation in class = 1 point
      • ... or/and Python exercises solved on Project Euler,, other exercise sites


  • Attend at least 50% of seminars


  • Submitted course evaluation in LUIS (mandatory)


Note: sign up for presentations ahead of time

Course Project

During the course, students are required to complete a project that accomplishes a non-trivial programming / data processing task using Python tools.

More information: Course Project

Why Python?

  • Python is easy to use and effective.
  • Its code is easy to read and write.
  • Python is a flexible language that can support many programming paradigms.
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Popular and well-supported.
  • Used by large and small companies and organizations worldwide.
  • Used in many courses and workshops.


The seminar consists of two parts:

  • Introduction to the Python programming language (What is Python)
    • Assumption: participants know the basics of programming and, preferably, already know other programming languages
  • Practical applications of Python, with examples (Getting things done with Python)


This seminar is lead by Uldis Bojārs and Valdis Saulespurēns.

Experts who might present guest lectures at the seminar:

  • Leo Seļāvo (LU DF)
  • Jānis Zuters (LU DF, on machine learning)
  • Pēteris Paikens (LU MII)
  • ...