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* [[Chips_msp430 | MCU: Ms430]]
* [[Chips_msp430 | MCU: MSP430]]
* [[Chips_cc2420 | Radio: CC2420]]
* [[Chips_cc2420 | Radio: CC2420]]

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MansOS is an operating system for wireless sensor networks. It can be considered a branch of LiteOS operating system because it shares several defining characteristics. MansOS like LiteOS is designed to be easily adopted by system designers by avoiding the steep learning curve, because it is based on the concepts that are familiar to the majority of IT community.

Key concepts common with LiteOS:

  • MansOS is adopting programming in C and (eventually) C++, known to many people
  • MansOS is treating a sensor network using Unix-like command tools and resources
  • MansOS enables thread-like programming environment

Additional key aspects specific to MansOS:

  • MansOS is designed to be easily portable to new platforms
  • MansOS enforces the structured HPL-HAL-HIL architecture at a mote level, ensuring clear interface for portability
  • The focus during the development should be the whole system - a collection of mote entities rather than a single mote



Development tools and techniques

Hardware notes