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MansOS Logo
MansOS Logo

MansOS = Mobile agent netted sensor Operating System.

MansOS is an operating system for wireless sensor networks and netted embedded systems. It is designed for users familiar with C programming and Unix-like environment. MansOS supports various platforms and controllers, including TelosB and MSP430, Atmega controllers and Arduino, and others. Users may develop and test their systems on a PC as a virtual "mote".

The new MansOS homepage and git repository is at GitHub

The information below is outdated. Please read the wiki at github.

General information

Installing MansOS

MansOS GitHub link is at From there you can download or pull the MansOS repository with all the sources and support tools. The Wiki there will help you to get started:

  • How to setup the MansOS and related toolchains
  • A few tutorials
  • A reference to the main components.

Here is some information about the older versions Installing MansOS.

Development with MansOS - tools and techniques

Developing the MansOS - notes

Hardware notes

  • An Ideal_mote should... | would have... (notes for future HW designs)



Related publications and papers

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  • LiteOS, the original OS from which MansOS branched