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(Development with MansOS - tools and techniques)
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* [[MansOS_IAR | Compiling MansOS with IAR Embedded Workbench]]
* [[MansOS_IAR | Compiling MansOS with IAR Embedded Workbench]]
* [[MansOS_Testing | Debugging and testing]]
* [[MansOS_Testing | Debugging and testing]]
* [[MansOS_PC_Emulation | Mote network emulation on PC]
* [[MansOS_FAQ | FAQ]]
* [[MansOS_FAQ | FAQ]]
=== Developing the MansOS - notes ===
=== Developing the MansOS - notes ===

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Qr mansos-net-s.png

MansOS.net QR code

MansOS Logo
MansOS Logo

MansOS = Mobile agent netted sensor Operating System.

MansOS is an operating system for wireless sensor networks and netted embedded systems. It is designed for users familiar with C programming and Unix-like environment. MansOS supports various platforms and controllers, including TelosB and MSP430, Atmega controllers and Arduino, and others. Users may develop and test their systems on a PC as a virtual "mote".

General information

Access (Download)

  • MansOS SVN quick access
    • Read-only access is open to public. For example, to get the whole MansOS tree in the current-directory/mansos do this:
svn co http://mansos.net/svn/mansos/ mansos
    • Read-write access is open to authenticated developers via svn+ssh.
svn co svn+ssh://yourloginname@mansos.net/svn/mansos mansos
svn checkout http://mansos.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ mansos-read-only 
    • Read-write access to MansOS commiters:
svn checkout https://mansos.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ mansos --username your.username@gmail.com

Development with MansOS - tools and techniques

Developing the MansOS - notes

Hardware notes

  • An Ideal_mote should... | would have... (notes for future HW designs)



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